The Future of Remote Health Monitoring Is Here!

Care continuity doesn’t have to be a burden to you or your patients. With LiveCare, you can easily monitor your patients’ health and ensure their safety from afar. 

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IMS and LiveCare are partnering to advance remote healthcare technology, innovating new ways to connect providers with their patients. 

LiveCare’s wearable tools allow you to remotely track patient vitals, reducing hospital stays, ER trips, and follow-up visits. Your patients want to stay healthy, but they also want to go back to their lives. Empower your practice to give them the care they deserve.


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Track Patients’ Vitals from Anywhere
Access Patient Data from
a Single System
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The Link+

Uniquely designed to connect patients with their healthcare providers and telemedicine platforms, Link+ makes remote care and monitoring hassle-free. 

No Wi-Fi? No Problem!

With a built-in multi-network 4G solution, patients won’t have a problem staying connected with their healthcare providers. It’s added freedom for your patients and extra peace of mind for you.


No Additional Apps! No Bluetooth Pairing!

With a Fully-Automated Vitals-Taking technology, Link+ eliminates the need to install multiple apps and pair home medical devices, making it more convenient and easier to use. Even less tech-savvy patients can enjoy the benefits LiveCare brings.
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Never Miss a Beat
Increase compliance, lower cost, and improve patient outcomes with automated medication and vital time reminders.
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24/7 Emergency Response
Help patients feel safer, making sure that help is only ever a button-press away.
Two-Way Audio & Video
Never lose sight of your patients’ health. Stay connected from anywhere with LiveCare.

There Is Freedom In Care Continuity

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There Is Freedom In Care Continuity

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