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    Understanding the New COVID-19 Situation: What You Need to Know

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    CDC Expands Ages and Conditions on COVID-19 High-Risk List

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    5 Small Safety Steps to Help Welcome Your Patients Back


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 Plus, when you sign up for IMS Televisit, it includes a full suite of instructional videos to help you make the most of your telehealth solution. 
Request a Televisit demo and See How It Gives You the Power to:
assist patients

Accommodate more patients while easing practice logistics

integrates with IMS

Connect with your patients and diagnose them remotely

protect your staff and patients

Limit the risk of exposure for you, your staff, and patients


free PDF downloads

Download Resources

Distribute these helpful guides to your staff and/or keep them in exam rooms to hand out to patients as needed.


IMS Coronavirus templates

COVID-19 Templates

  • Provide your staff with templates that make it easier to diagnose potential COVID-19 cases in your patient base. Click below if interested.

I'm interested in the Coronavirus Template

patient resources


Learn the proper procedures for hand-washing,

self-isolation and quarantine, and other pandemic essentials.

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